Sunday, December 8, 2013

T-Bone the Flying Horse

T-Bone The Flying Horse is a rhyming story of the friendship between a girl and her horse.  Janice Virant has captured the magic of the love that little girls have for horses.  As a mother of two little girls I see how my girls are naturally drawn to everything about horses and they loved this story!  T-Bone had always dreamed of being a big fancy racehorse, but he was just too slow.  He was adopted by a lonely girl and her love for him turned him into a magical horse that could fly.  I think young children will relate and appreciate T-Bone’s desire to be a racehorse but finding happiness and a new dream with the love of the little girl.  As a mom and former teacher I loved when the horse and girl flew all over the world because I could teach my children about geography in a fun setting.  The story had a sweet ending that will give kids the opportunity to imagine where T-Bone would fly to next.  Young girls will love this story and it is a great book for beginning readers to practice their reading.  The rhyming has a great flow and the illustrations are vibrant and eye catching!  Very sweet story! 

Provided by the publisher for review

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