Saturday, October 26, 2013

Perfectly Matched!

Perfectly Matched is the third book in the Blue Willow Brides series by Maggie Brendan.  Anna follows in her older sisters footsteps and becomes a mail-order bride.  After a brief correspondence she becomes the wife of Edward Parker, a clock and jewelry maker in Denver Colorado.  Anna is spontaneous, outspoken, impulsive and creative and immediately clashes with Edward’s quiet and perfectionist personality.  They could not be more different and are not prepared at how these differences bring immediate tension to two people that are still strangers. As Anna tries to fit into Edward’s world, she discovers a passion to help hurt and homeless animals.  Edward thrives and consistency and order.  His new wife with her impulsive whims, messy ways and array of abused animals turns his world upside down.  Can he change to become the husband needs or was this the wrong answer to his ad for a wife?

This is the second book I have read by Maggie Brendan and really enjoyed it.  Mail-order brides are such an interesting part of our history and I always enjoy reading novels about them.  This is a tender love story and really highlights the struggles of becoming newlyweds especially when two strangers come together.  Her character development of Anna and Edward was fantastic and I enjoyed watching them grow in their love for each other.  She tackled a topic I have yet to see in a historical novel (I read a lot of them!) with how the first animal shelters were established.  This is a very sweet book! 

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Perfectly Matched (The Blue Willow Brides, #3)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reluctant Courtship

Reluctant Courtship is the final book in the Daughters of Bainbridge House series by Laurie Alice Eakes.  Honore Bainbridge has shamed her family with two scandalous suitors, one a murderer and one a traitor.  She has been banished to the country estate and discovers that her father intended her to marry an American who just became one of the richest earls in the area.  He is her only hope to become respectable and accepted by society again.  Lord Ashmoor has no desire to become attached with a woman with a tarnished reputation and immediately rejects Honore.  Lord Ashmoor is suspected of smuggling because of his American heritage and his father is rumored to be a murderer.  He vows to find a respectable wife and clear his father’s name and discover the real smuggler. Honore vows to help Lord Ashmoor whatever the cost, which brings Lord Ashmoor’s wall of prejudice against her to come crumbling down. 

This is the last book in a trilogy, but I read it as a standalone and it wasn’t confusing at all.  I have read two other books by Laurie Alice Eakes and absolutely loved them.  This book was excellent and I could not put it down.  Honore is a very likeable heroine and my heart went out to her need of redemption after her past mistakes.  I have read several novels that took place in America during the Revolutionary War, but this is the first one I have read that took place in Great Britain during the war.  It was very interesting.  This book is full of wonderful characters and anyone who reads this will adore the loyal Miss Morrow.  I love how this novel demonstrates that though we strive for the approval of people, God’s approval and forgiveness is all we need as his children.  This book has a great love story and is full of intrigue and adventure.  Very satisfying and enjoyable! 

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Available October 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
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