Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tattler's Branch

Tattler’s Branch is the sequel to Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson.  Dr. Lilly Still is the doctor in a small coal mining town.  Being a small town doctor is anything but dull, especially when several strange occurrences bring danger right to her door.  Lilly’s husband has been called away to several mining accidents around the country.  With the best of intentions, Lilly’s mother sends Mazy her younger sister to help Lilly for the summer.  Lilly has her hands full keeping her impulsive sister out of mischief.  Armina, a dear friend usually keeps everything in order comes down with a rare sickness.  She brings Lilly an abandoned baby but cannot remember where the baby came from. If all this wasn’t enough, Lilly doesn’t realize that a stranger in town is hunting for answers and thinks that she has the answers.  This stranger will use any means necessary to find what he is looking for. 

I haven’t read Skip Rock Shallows yet, but now I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  This book was excellent!  This is my first book by Watson and I absolutely love her writing style.  You can read this book as a standalone like I did without being confused, but I am guessing that the first one is worth reading too.  The depth of the character development for all the characters was impressive and I hope she continues their stories in future books. This book had mystery, humor, romance and was very suspenseful.  I thought this was a sweet story about faith and how God is there on our brightest moments but also there during our greatest tribulations.  Most historical fiction has romance as a main focus, but this one was more about Lilly fighting these obstacles with faith and friends.  It was a nice change!!  Love, Love, Love this story! 

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Tattler's Branch

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