Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Man in the Making

 A Man in the Making is Rick Johnson’s newest book.  Rick Johnson is a best-selling author and marriage and parenting conference speaker.  In this book Johnson looks at key character traits that are necessary for a boy’s development into manhood.  He gives a historical example of men throughout the past that have demonstrated these traits and gives parents tips and strategies to install these values into their sons.  He discusses how young boys develop emotionally, physically, and spiritually and how we can equip them to be strong leaders in their families, communities and world.  He discusses how we cannot let society dictate how we raise our children but must know our historical roots and biblical truths to develop godly men. 

My husband and I both read Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half by Johnson and got a lot out of it to apply to our marriage.  I jumped at the chance to review his newest book because I just gave birth to our first boy and I will take all the help I can get!  Johnson does a ton of research and has a variety of resources that are up to date and relevant, in other words he knows his stuff! His writing style is easy to understand and I loved all the history throughout the book.  We need to raise our sons to be strong men who love the Lord and will make good fathers and husbands.  This book focuses on the importance of mentorship and teaching our boys through our example.  This is a great book for both mothers and fathers.  It is a quick read but has a lot of quality content and is one you will want to refer back to throughout different stages of parenting a son.  Highly Recommend!!!!


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