Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grace's Pictures

Grace’s Pictures is an Ellis Island novel by Cindy Thomson.  Grace has spent her life in an Ireland workhouse to pay off her deceased father’s debts.  Her mother remarries so that Grace can escape to America.  Not only does Grace have to learn how to adapt outside the workhouse she must learn how to survive in New York City, learn how to become a governess and how to keep out of trouble.  God has given her a strong Christian support system, but Grace struggles with believing in God’s goodness when she has known so much darkness.  Grace finds that she has a passion for photography, but when a very powerful gang thinks she is taking pictures of them, Grace is in very real danger.  Can God send her a protector in Officer Owen McNulty?  Can she trust God and Owen to protect her? 

I was very impressed with the research and authenticity of Thomson’s work.  I didn’t know very much about New York history in the early 1900’s and found this book to be fascinating.  From the workhouses in Ireland to the corruption of the New York police department this really is a great novel.  The relationships in Grace’s life were very real and raw at times.  Thomson made her characters come alive which made the book very touching.  Grace’s journey to trusting in God and learning to believe in herself was beautiful accompanied with a gentle romance.  Anyone who enjoys historical fiction will love this book. 

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Grace's Pictures. I'm happy you enjoyed it. Right now I'm building a street team to help launch the next book, Annie's Stories. If this is something you'd like to know more about, please contact me: cindyswriting @ gmail.com. But in any case, thanks for reading!