Monday, April 8, 2013

A Cast of Stones

A Cast of Stones is book one in a new fantasy series by Patrick W. Carr.  Errol Stone has resolved himself to be the village drunk and will do anything for a taste of ale.  He takes on a mysterious mission to take very important letters from the royal city of Erinon to two reclusive priests that will keep him in the ale barrel for a week.  Errol doesn’t realize he has taken on a deadly mission and is the beginning of a new destiny for himself and the kingdom.  With deadly assassins in pursuit, Errol must escape the only life he has ever known with the two priests.  Errol discovers that God has blessed him with the talents of being a reader, a revered skill that many would like to silence.  With a dying king, no heir to the throne, deadly spiritual enemies on the verge of invasion and not knowing who is friend or foe Errol begins a journey to change himself from drunk to warrior and just what the crumbling kingdom needs to survive the turmoil. 

This is a very powerful read.  The character development is superb and I immediately was engrossed in the magical kingdom that needs Errol to rise above drunk and become a warrior to save everyone.  There are so many likeable characters that pull on your heartstrings and you can’t help but cheer on.  The villains that are very exciting and intense and I loved the suspense.  Carr is extremely creative and this book will appeal to adults and teens alike.  I am not a big fantasy fan, but I found this book hard to put down and am looking forward to the next book in the series. 

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