Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Damascus Countdown

Damascus Countdown is the third book in the latest trilogy by Joel C. Rosenberg.  CIA operative David Shirazi is deep in the heart of a Middle East meltdown where every Muslim country is uniting under the Twelfth Imam to destroy Israel and quite possibly the U.S.  As David continues to successfully infiltrate the Twelfth Imam’s inner circle he is quickly running out of time and running into an unwilling U.S. administration.  His heart is in the mission but he is torn with his new found faith in Jesus, reuniting with his first love Marseille, and not being able to see his dying mother in her last days.  David might be the world’s only hope in stopping a madman with nuclear and supernatural capabilities; the mission seems impossible.  David soon discovers that through God all things are possible. 

I really enjoyed every book in this series.  Rosenberg’s knowledge of the Middle East, CIA and end times is absolutely amazing and makes for a very intense series that you will not be able to put down.  These books might be fiction, but also shed light on what could really happen if Israel went to war and the devastating effects that could bring about.  This trilogy brings bible prophecy, romance and nonstop action into three great books!  I highly recommend this series, this book! 

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