Sunday, October 7, 2012

Penny and Her Doll

Penny and Her Doll is Kevin Henkes second book about Penny the mouse.  Penny has had the most wonderful surprise, a new doll sent from Grandma.  The doll’s bow is perfect, the doll’s pink cheeks are perfect and the doll’s big buttons are perfect.  The only thing that is not perfect is that Penny cannot come up with a name for her doll.  Mama and Papa try to help Penny come up with the perfect name but nothing seems to fit.  As Penny shows her doll around the house the perfect name finally comes to her!

Nothing goes together like Henkes and mouse stories!  His illustrations are always a treat and every little girl that has ever loved a doll will adore this book.  This is perfect for beginning readers.  Make sure to check out Penny and Her Song as well.  Hopefully there will be more Penny stories to come!

Provided by the Publisher for review
Penny and Her Doll

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