Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Valley of Dreams

Valley of Dreams is the first book in the Wild West Wind Series by Lauraine Snelling.  Cassie Lockwood only knows life as a trick rider and sharpshooter in Wild West Touring Show that she has starred in since she was a young child.  That abruptly comes to an end as her Uncle Jason bankrupts the show and leaves everyone high and dry.  With nothing but the show wagon and little bit of live stock Cassie heads to her father’s valley where he had always dreamed of ranching.  Cassie is joined by Chief and Micah, both show hands and heads to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Cassie must learn how to take of herself and protect her loved ones.  There are many surprises awaiting Cassie as she ventures to fulfill her father’s dream. 

I always appreciate an author who really researches the era that they are writing about and Snelling offers a very authentic and interesting read.  I loved watching the two parallel story lines unfold and was very excited and nervous for them to collide.  This is an interesting time in our history where innovation was constantly changing how people lived and made their livelihoods.  I am waiting for the love story to blossom, hopefully in book 2, Whispers of the Wind. This was a great historical novel. 
Valley of Dreams (Wild West Wind)

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