Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love on the Line

Love on the Line is Deeanne Gist’s newest novel.  Georgie Gail is the switchboard operator for Washington County Texas.  She is a fierce lover of birds, feisty and extremely proud of her independence.  Luke Palmer is supposed to be just another troubleman for SWT&T.  He is not suppose to be an undercover Texas Ranger hunting down train robbers, a crack shot when it comes to bird hunting and just so darn handsome.  As Luke tries to become a member of the elusive gang he is after and Georgie tries to protect her precious birds from ending up dead on hat because of the latest fashions; their worlds crash and crash hard.  Luke will have to protect Georgie and her birds and try to protect his stubborn heart at the same time. 

I adore Deeanne Gist.  She is hilarious and it is always such a joy to read her historical fiction.  She finds these incredible and often looked over bits of history and weaves them with romance, humor and action into a great novel.  Georgie, Luke and Bettina are fantastic characters that I cheered on the entire time.  I could not stop laughing and never knew how interesting birds are.  I have a whole new appreciation for the species.  You will enjoy this Hello Gal’s story as much as I did.  My only complaint is I tend to fly through her work much too quickly.

Love on the Line

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind  is the second book in Lauraine Snelling’s Wild West Wind series. Cassie has finally made it to the Black Hills of South Dakota, only to discover some other family has built a ranch on her father’s property.  With nowhere else to go Cassie confronts the Engstrom family.  Ransom and Lucas Engstrom are furious that their mother never told them that their father had a partner and now his partner’s daughter has shown up to claim half of the ranch. Mavis invites Cassie and her traveling companions to stay at the cabin on the far end of the ranch.  Now that Cassie and her loved ones have a home she must still figure out a way to earn money.  Cassie might have a lot to learn about ranching, but she can earn money trick riding and shooting. Now only if she can find a way to perform, prove to Ransom that she belongs on the ranch and protect her family from the town’s prejudice.

I am so impressed with Snelling’s knowledge of the era.  I love authentic and well-researched novels and Snelling does an amazing job of depicting ranching in 1906. The intensity of Cassie finally arriving and confronting the Engstroms was very intense and I loved watching the characters interact and reluctantly come together.  Cassie’s desire to protect her family and provide for them at any cost is fierce.  The Engstrom brothers couldn’t be more different and Cassie is confused by the emotions they each evoke.  The danger, love story and struggle to make her father’s dream come true make Cassie’s story an enjoyable one.  I am very excited about the next installment in the series. 
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 Whispers in the Wind (Wild West Wind)  



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Valley of Dreams

Valley of Dreams is the first book in the Wild West Wind Series by Lauraine Snelling.  Cassie Lockwood only knows life as a trick rider and sharpshooter in Wild West Touring Show that she has starred in since she was a young child.  That abruptly comes to an end as her Uncle Jason bankrupts the show and leaves everyone high and dry.  With nothing but the show wagon and little bit of live stock Cassie heads to her father’s valley where he had always dreamed of ranching.  Cassie is joined by Chief and Micah, both show hands and heads to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Cassie must learn how to take of herself and protect her loved ones.  There are many surprises awaiting Cassie as she ventures to fulfill her father’s dream. 

I always appreciate an author who really researches the era that they are writing about and Snelling offers a very authentic and interesting read.  I loved watching the two parallel story lines unfold and was very excited and nervous for them to collide.  This is an interesting time in our history where innovation was constantly changing how people lived and made their livelihoods.  I am waiting for the love story to blossom, hopefully in book 2, Whispers of the Wind. This was a great historical novel. 
Valley of Dreams (Wild West Wind)

Favorite Funny Children's Books

Every kid needs to laugh and to laugh hard!  I have always loved funny books as a teacher, librarian and now as a stay-at-home momma.  Here are some of my favorites that my school kiddos and babies at home have fell in love with, and most importantly makes them laugh!  I will continue to add to this list of books that hit the spot for a good belly laugh!
Duck! Rabbit!
Monkey Truck (Christy Ottaviano Books)
I Wanna Iguana
Ferocious Wild Beasts!
Rhyming Dust Bunnies
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Chicken Cheeks
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Silly Doggy!
No, David!

Mars Needs Moms

Skippyjon Jones

Are You A Horse?


Scaredy Squirrel

Product Details

Product Details

Bark, George

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Merchant's Daughter

The Merchant’s Daughter is Melanie Dickerson’s latest book.  Annabel is scorned by her village for her family’s refusal to help with the reaping of crops every year since the death of her wealthy father.  As punishment she is sent as an indentured servant to work for the new lord, Ranulf le Wyse.  Yet facing the new lord who has a reputation of being beastly is much more appealing than marrying Bailiff Tom-her only other option.  Even though the new lord appears very intimidating and ruthless he continues to protect Annabel, even though it may cost him everything. 

I loved The Healer’s Apprentice and this one was just as good!  I have always loved fairy tales and have really enjoyed how Dickerson weaves fairy tale elements into a Christian love story.  This is a very tender and sweet love story where Ranulf and Annabel fall in love as they spend time in God’s word together.  This was an absolute joy to read and I can’t wait for her new one, The Fairest Beauty coming out in December. 
The Merchant's Daughter

Rare Earth

Davis Bunn’s latest book, Rare Earth brings Mark Royce back with a new impossible mission.  Marc goes undercover as a Lodestone supplier managing supplies for the refugee camps in Kenya.  His true purpose is to find out who kidnapped an Israeli medic and what is so suddenly important about the African soil that several African tribes are getting uprooted and sent to live in the squalor of Nairobi.  He is not welcome on any side.  He is sent in to find answers, but asking questions can get you killed quick.  He finds a unifying bond with the Africans with their mutual faith and unwillingly opens his heart to the mysterious Kitra. 

I love anything by Davis Bunn and have read several of his books.  This is the sequel to Lion of Babylon and is set up to have at least one more in the series.  The action is non-stop and the story line very intriguing.  I loved that the plot spanned over three continents involving corrupt governments, secret identities and intertwined with a sweet love story.  I love history and Bunn can always weave a great action thriller with a really unique historical emphasis.  As always, Bunn hits the mark.  Can’t wait for the next one! 

Rare Earth

Friday, September 7, 2012

Love's Reckoning

Love’s Reckoning is Laura Frantz’s first book in the Ballantyne Legacy Series.  Silas Ballantyne has to serve one more year as a blacksmith apprentice before he can head to the frontier.  He is sent to York County Pennsylvania to serve under Liege Lee.  Liege Lee has much more ambitious plans for Silas than just finishing out his term.  Silas is a master blacksmith and brings much needed business to the Lee home and Liege expects Silas to stay and marry one of his daughters.  The daughters are both beauties but that is where the similarities stop.  Elspeth is dangerous, alluring and cunning.  Eden is innocent, kind and wants nothing more than to know the Lord.  Nothing is what it seems in this house of secrets.  Silas is torn on what to do with his future and that of the Lee sisters.  Every decision seems to have dire consequences. 

Laura Frantz is my favorite author and I absolutely loved Courting Morrow Little and The Colonel’s Lady.  She truly is a weaver of words, an artist with the pen.  This novel was very different than her past work. Her villains in this story just make your skin crawl and the plot was very sinister and dark.  The climax in this story was so intense and haunting.  The love story is in true Frantz style and is absolutely breath taking.  This woman knows how to write romance and I really appreciate her research into the era; she makes you feel like you are stepping back into time. 
Love's Reckoning: A Novel (The Ballantyne Legacy)