Thursday, July 26, 2012

Silly Doggy!

Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower is the story of Lily and the rather large surprise she found in her yard.  Lily has always wanted a doggy and finally her dream has come true!  Silly doggy is perfect for Lily, except that he is grumpy, doesn’t eat dog food, doesn’t like walks, can’t do tricks, and doesn’t listen.  Mommy says that Silly Doggy has a family that is missing him and Lily needs to find them.  Much to Lily’s surprise the zookeeper comes knocking on the door because Silly Doggy is actually a missing animal from the zoo!  Lily is so sad until she wakes up to a new pet waiting for her in the yard! 

This story is so wonderful!  I can’t read it enough to my three year old!  The story is so funny and you can’t help but fall in love with Lily and Silly Doggy!  The storyline is fantastic, but it is the pictures that make this story so special.  Adam Stower definitely has a gift!  We will be looking for more titles from this author/illustrator!  This story is for your keeper shelf! 

Provided by the publisher for review
Silly Doggy!

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