Sunday, July 29, 2012

Highland Sanctuary

Highland Sanctuary by Jennifer Hudson Taylor takes you deep into medieval Ireland into the Village of Outcasts.  Gavin MacKenzie has journeyed far from his clan to restore Braigh Castle and protect the new owner from mysterious happenings surrounding the area.  Gavin is surprised to find beautiful Serena Boyd in the Village of Outcasts which lies besides Braigh Castle.  Everyone else there has an apparent disability or hardship, but why would Serena be there unless she was hiding something or from someone, or maybe both.  Despite Serena’s many secrets Gavin is drawn to her.  As he continues to fall in love with her he will have to protect her from her past, her future and the mounting amount of enemies that assail the village bent to take her. 

I am not going to lie; I am going to read this at least one more time!  I lost a lot sleep due to this wonderful book and don’t regret it one bit!  I enjoyed Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s first book, Highland Blessing, but this one is ten times better!  I absolutely adore anything medieval and this book was pure joy to read.  The layers of generational bitterness, lost love, and betrayal and how it affects Gavin and Serena is chilling.  Serena’s many secrets should hinder Gavin’s attraction, but only make him feel the need to protect her more.  Serena’s fellow villagers were a sweet and loyal bunch that I absolutely fell in love with.  This book has adventure, romance, and intrigue –just the way I like it! 
Highland Sanctuary

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