Friday, June 22, 2012

The Fiddler

The Fiddler is the first book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series by Beverly Lewis.  Amelia Devries is at a crossroads.  Her family and beau pressure her to continue her career as a violinist, but she feels drawn to fiddling and other dreams such as a family.  She begins to perform as a fiddler with the stage name of Amy Lee.  After a fiddling performance Amelia becomes lost and broke down in a rainstorm.  She goes to a lone cabin in the woods where she finds Michael, an Amish man trying to decide which world to belong to.  Their chance encounter leads to Hickory Hollow, an Amish community.  Amelia finds peace and resolve by spending time with the Plain people and maybe something much more with Michael. 

This is both my first Beverly Lewis read and Amish novel.  I am hooked on both.  Beverly Lewis paints a beautiful  place to get lost in with Hickory Hollow.  I was fascinated by the Amish lifestyle and watching the Plain and Fancy ways clash.  Amelia and Michael’s journeys to discover what God has in store for them was lovely to watch unfold.  A tender love story and getting to take a walk with the Plain people was satisfying indeed.  Looking forward to other novels by Beverly Lewis. 
Fiddler, The (Home to Hickory Hollow)

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