Friday, June 15, 2012

The Doctor's Lady

The Doctor’s Lady by Jody Hedlund is the story of Priscilla White who lost every dream of marriage and children with a devastating sickness left her barren.  Priscilla has turned to new dream to feel this void, missionary work.  She feels that God has called her to the mission field, there is just one problem.  The Mission Board will only send married couples to spread God’s word.  Dr. Eli Ernest is haunted from his troubled childhood and is only happy when serving the Indians as a doctor and missionary.  He longs to open a clinic for the Nez Perce, but is only allowed to go west if he marries.  Priscilla and Eli marry in name only to answer God’s calling, but both their hearts have different plans as they journey into the wilderness. 

This book is my new favorite.  Jody Hedlund has really done her research and offered a very authentic read.  I really enjoy Laura Frantz and Julie Klassen novels because of the research that they put into their work and Jody Hedlund is now on my list of very impressive novelists.  My heart ached with Priscilla with her longing for a family and her journey into the unknown leapt of the pages.  This book had such a clean love story, but offered so much heat between Priscilla and Eli that it just made you want to sigh.  This is one of the few books that has to go on my keeper shelf because I will be reading it again! Don’t miss out on this one!
Doctor's Lady, The


  1. Thank you for the very kind words about my book! I'm delighted that you enjoyed it!

    Many blessings!

    Jody Hedlund