Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heart’s Safe Passage by Laurie Alice Eakes, is the second book in the Midwives Series.  All Phoebe wants is to forget the past and serve low income women as a midwife.  That dream is crushed when she is kidnapped onto a privateer ship headed straight to England in the middle of the Revolutionary War.  Captain Docherty has spent the last nine years hunting for the man responsible for the brutal murder of his wife and parents.  Phoebe and her sister-in-law are brought on board to lure Brock from hiding so Docherty can finally see justice done.  Docherty tries to resist Phoebe and her faith in God and hold on to his need for revenge.  Can Phoebe let go of her past and lead Docherty away from throwing away their future.    
I liked the first book in this series, Lady in the Midst, but this one was so much better.  This is a very exciting story with several unexpected twists and turns.  I truly enjoy fiction from this time era and love anything with privateer ships and a chase for the bad guy.  Phoebe and Rafe Docherty learning to leave the past and trust God with the future was a joy to see unfold.  It was a very intriguing story that shows the power of forgiveness.

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