Monday, April 30, 2012

Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren is the first book in the River of Time Series.  Gabriella and her younger sister Lia are dreading another summer chasing their archeologist mother around ancient ruins throughout Italy.  Their mother has always been obsessed with her research into Etruscan history, but even more so since her husband’s recent death.  Their mother makes a remarkable find of Etruscan tombs, what she doesn’t realize is that these tombs have just transported her daughter Gabi back to the fourteenth century.  To survive, Gabi must use her wits, physical strength, and trust in a God that she has never had time for before.  In the process, she must protect her heart from Marcello, a betrothed lord.  Can she fight her way back to her own time?

This series is geared towards teens, but I absolutely adored it and am really looking forward to the next two books.  Bergren’s characters came to life and the adventure, romance and suspense makes for a lovely way to spend an afternoon.   It was a joy to watch Gabi transform from bratty teen to fierce warrior.  I love how Gabi begins to discover God through her relationship with Marcello.  She is a very likeable character that you will be cheering for till the last page.  The chosen title is a mystery, which I hope the other books will reveal.  Excellent choice for teens and adults alike!

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