Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Whisper of Peace Book Review

A Whisper of Peace by Kim Vogel Sawyer is the story of Lizzie Dawson, a young woman alone in the Alaskan frontier.  Lizzie does not only battle the harsh environment, but also the rejection of her tribe the Athabascans, for her white father’s blood running through her veins.  Clay Selby has come to the Athabascan village with his step sister Vivian to bring the good news of Jesus and serve the people.  He is deeply driven with a goal of opening a school and church for the Alaskan natives.  Nothing is going to get in the way, especially a strikingly beautiful and banished young woman.  As their attraction deepens the risk of Clay’s purpose for coming to Alaska is at stake. 
I was really impressed with the character development of this book.  Sawyer weaves in the histories and traits of the characters so well that you feel like you understand their struggles and triumphs.  It is very apparent that Sawyer knows the Alaskan terrain and history.  The love story, struggles with the culture clashes and action in the book make for a very satisfying read.  This is my first time reading Kim Vogel Sawyer.  I absolutely loved this book and look forward to reading her new one, Song of My Heart that just came out.

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